The Snips of the Seasons

Posted by on Oct 30, 2013 in Hair and Makeup | No Comments

We know. It’s tough to keep your wardrobe updated with the vagaries of fashion from season to season. Hair, on the other hand? That’s a little easier. Have fun this winter season with the fresh 2014 looks. Which one fits you best?


The Nonchalant Tucked-In Hair Style | Have that “I-don’t-even-try” look we all covet.  It’s soft, it’s straight, it looks like you just pulled on a stylish turtleneck sweater.


Choppy Fringes, Side Swept Fringes, or Half Fringes | “Fringes” (British) refers to “bangs”. A regal look fit for a queen.


Natural Looking Waves | or “Real Girl” hair as Vogue calls it. However, natural looking does not mean that’s how your hair dries naturally. Let your stylist teach you how to tease your hair into this feminine, “real-girl” style.


Pixies for Soft Featured Women | Whether spiked up or laying flat on the forehead, pixie hair girls are the “belle of the ball” if for no other reason than they’ve had the courage to go where few women do.