Touch is vital to our health, fulfillment, clarity of min, and connection to others. A therapeutic massage soothe the nerves, sends calm signals to the brain, and enables you to cope with life’s daily stresses.



  • Therapeutic Swedish Massage for 30 minutes | 45
  • Therapeutic Swedish Massage for 60 minutes | 75
  • Therapeutic Swedish Massage for 90 minutes | 100
  • Deep Tissue Massage for 60 minutes | 80

After initial warming of the muscle tissue, deeper, more specific body work is done to remove muscle skeletal adhesions and restore greater mobility.

  • Reflexology for 30 minutes | 45
  • Reflexology for 60 minutes | 70

A science that involves the use of acupressure on points of the hands and feet to stimulate parts of the body, while relieving stress and tension, improving circulation, and bringing about a harmonious alignment of the body.

  • Pregnancy Massage for 60 minutes | 80

Promotes better blood circulation. Alleviates lower back, neck, and shoulder pain. Releases stress and encourages rest and relaxation.

Add on to any massage treatment:

  • Makeup Touch-up | 10
  • Makeup Touch-up and Blowout |  30